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Why walk it?

Ten great reasons to walk the NEW Peak Way 


Step up to the challenge

Hikers on Chapel Gate Track.jpg

There's no better feeling than reaching the end of your long distance walk with a sense of pride and achievement. But of course it's the journey along the way that you'll really enjoy too. 

On Kinder Plateau.jpg


Improve your fitness & free your mind


There's no doubt that you'll feel a lot fitter when you've completed the walk, and you'll benefit greatly. But it's also an opportunity to free your mind in a beautiful environment.

Hiker on Kinder Scout.jpg


Be amazed at the stunning scenery

Hikers on Mam Tor.jpg

You will see most of the best scenery in the Peak District with stunning views. Everything from rugged moorland and gritstone edges to the beauty of the tranquil dales.

Sunset near Higger Tor.jpg


Discover the heritage


You'll never be far from the heritage that underpins the area including two amazing historic houses. And apart from the endless drystone walls, you'll see canals, mills, viaducts, former railway routes and much more - all great engineering achievements of their time. 

Magpie Mine.jpg


Get close to nature

Deer at Lyme Park.jpg

You'll have the chance to see everything from kingfishers to pheasants, curlews to herons, peregrine falcons to golden plovers and a whole lot more. And there are the animals such as foxes, shrews, bats and, of course, the deer.



Treat yourself


The Peak District is home to some delicious local delicacies including the famous Bakewell Pudding, Derbyshire Oatcakes and Hartington Cheese. So why not treat yourself along the way?

Peak District Delicacies.JPG


Taste the local ales


Whether you like a log fire in a cosy pub or prefer to sit outside on a sunny evening, whether you like to taste the local ales or would rather enjoy a glass of wine, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes.


Embrace the culture

Hartington well dressing.jpg

From market towns buzzing with tourists to villages and tiny hamlets with their picturesque cottages and gardens, from well dressing to festivals and from historic houses to outdoor shows, the Peak District has it all. So, embrace it, enjoy it and create unforgettable memories.

Monyash well dressing.jpg


Make a lasting memory


The Peak District National Park offers a superb experience that you won't forget, so come and see for yourself. Enjoy this walk of contrasts through the Dark Peak and the White Peak.

En-route to William Clough.jpg


Excellent transport links


The start of the walk is in Stockport and there are direct links by train, coach, bus and air. And, of course, it's also on the national motorway network too. So you'll find that getting to the start, and back home from the finish, is easy. And you'll be significantly reducing the environmental impact on the Peak District National Park too!

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