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Peak Way Updates

This page will be used to inform of any updates e.g. path closures. If you are walking the Peak Way Long Distance Hiking Trail and you see anything that needs reporting on this page, we would be very grateful if you would email us so that we can inform other hikers on this page.



We have received an enquiry to say that the route from Cutthroat Bridge to Bamford Edge (on Stage 4) is not easy to navigate. Therefore, these notes are to help hikers to make navigation easier in this area.

Once over the stile at the main road by Cutthroat Bridge, follow the track up passing the conifer trees.  

When you are past these, look ahead for the dead tree on the right (estimated grid ref. 214865). Just before you reach this, look very carefully for the footpath down through ferns (it is easy to miss this) until you reach a small stream which you cross and follow the path through ferns up to the right.

If you look at your OS map (or a navigation app on your smartphone), you are aiming to follow the path which passes the disused quarry - but this too is not very obvious being largely covered by ferns (grid ref. 212865).

Your next landmark to aim for is shown on the OS map as “Pillars”, a rocky outcrop (grid ref. 208861). It is difficult to give an accurate description on this terrain because there are several paths in various directions, but as a general rule you are aiming towards the right rather than left onto the rough moorland.

When you see the remains of a stone wall, aim for the corner of this and pass across it here on the path in front of you. You will soon join a broader path which will take you up to Bamford Edge, and from here, the route should be straightforward.





We have received a post from Susan Long on the Peak Way Facebook Page about a route diversion approaching Matlock.

For anyone walking from Bakewell into Matlock. Due to flood defence work, the footpath is closed before you can walk under the bridge and into Matlock Centre. The easiest way is to follow the footpath up to the right, at the traffic lights turn right and walk around Sainsburys. Follow the footpath around the front of the building and until you reach the road. Then turn left to reach the main A6 (Dale Road) with the road bridge in front of you. As the road bridge isn't easy to cross with the current diversions, you you may wish to do as follows: 

Turn right, cross at the pedestrian crossing, then turn left down Olde English Road which leads you across a footbridge into Hall Leys Park where you can turn right and will soon see the signpost for Pic Tor. The diversions are expected to be there for several months.  (dated 4/2/23)

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