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Do I have to be very fit to walk the Peak Way?

There are some strenuous stretches on the Peak Way, where a good level of fitness is required but some more level sections feature easier walking. Walking any long-distance path does require a good level of fitness and so it is advisable to undertake training walks to reach the level of fitness that will ensure that you enjoy walking the Peak Way.

Is the Peak Way suitable for children?

Providing that your children are reasonably fit, and are used to hiking, it should be possible for them to undertake the Peak Way but it may be wise to include some rest days. It is of course, essential, that they have the appropriate clothing and equipment.

Can I take my dog?

Dogs are permitted on the Peak Way, so long as they do not disturb livestock and wildlife or cause a nuisance to other walkers. Please keep your dog on a short lead around sheep, cows and horses. (Unclip the lead if you feel threatened by cattle, so that you can get away safely). Don’t let your dog run up to other people uninvited. Make sure that your dog has a name tag with your contact details, so that you can be easily reunited if your dog gets lost. You will need to ensure that your accommodation provider will allow your dog to stay because many do not. Also, please bear in mind that there are stiles on the route which may make taking your dog challenging.

How will I know if I'm on the Peak Way?

Although there are no signposts or waymarkers on the Peak Way at the moment, the Official Guide Book gives you a detailed description of the route and includes OS mapping. It is also advisable to take the relevant Ordnance Survey maps and you can download a map app to your smartphone or tablet if you wish (this can be useful in confirming your location using GPS).

Although the Peak Way is a long distance walk, you can walk it in stages if you wish and you might find the page on using public transport useful in helping you to do this. 

Can I walk the Peak Way in stages?

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